Format of Authorised Signatory Letter for GST

Download the latest form of Authorised Signatory Letter for GST. It is needed for Registration and other communication with GST Department.

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Format of Authorised Signatory Letter for GST

Authorised Signatory is the person who can sign all documents for GST purposes. For Sole Proprietors, individual themselves are the authorised signatory. For rest entities, one need to appoint authorised signatory.

Authorised Signatory is declared through a letter of appointment of Authorised Signatory. This letter contains the details of person who is will act as Authorised Signatory. It states that any document signed by authorised signatory will be binding on the entity. Authorised signatory will act as the primary contact with the GST Department.

Process of Appointment of Authorised Signatory

Corporate Entities (Companies & Corporations) can appoint authorised signatory via a resolution. Others like societies can also do so through resolution.

For partnership Firms, the declaration can be signed by all the partners. Post declaration, all communications to GST must have signature of this Authorised signatory.

Format of Declaration of Authorised Signatory

I/We _________ (details of signatories like partners/Directors/members) ________________, hereby solemnly affirm and declare Mr/Mrs/Miss ______________ (details of authorised signatory to be declared) _________ as the authorised signatory for the_______ (Company/Firm/Society ) ___________ .

All the actions of the authorised signatory will be binding to the (Company/Firm/Society). He/she shall henceforth, act as the authorised signatory for all GST purposes.

SNNameDesignation / StatusSignature

Format of Acceptance of Authorised Signatory Status

            I __________________ (name of signatory) _____________, hereby solemnly affirm and accept to be the authorised signatory of the ________________ (Company/Firm/Society)_____.

(                                                     )

Signatures of Authorised Signatory

As per section 25 sub-section (6C), for other than individual, all entities require authorised signatory for registration in Goods and Service Tax (GST) Act.

Legal Texts in Section 25 sub-section 6(C)

Provided that where such person or class of persons have not been assigned the Aadhaar Number, such person or class of persons shall be offered alternate and viable means of identification in such manner as the Government may, on the recommendations of the Council, specify in the said notification.

As clear from above provision, one need to have authorised signatory letter for registration in GST. This letter can be uploaded in GST port at .

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