Goods and Service Tax comprises of 4 principle Acts – CGST Act, GST (Compensation to States) Act, IGST Act and STGST/UTGST Act. While most of the provisions of STGST/UTGST of all states and union territories are identical, there are certain differences in some areas for example in limits for generating Intra-State E-Way Bills. CGST and IGST dealing with Central GST and GST on Inter-state are same for all States/UT.

When E-Way Bill is Not Required: Understanding Exemptions and Exceptions

E-Way Bill exemptions in India: Understand who's exempt & avoid GST penalties. Save time & stay compliant!

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The Enforcers of GST: Understanding Officers and Source of Their Powers Under the CGST Act

GST officers enforce India's tax system. Learn who they are, their powers, and how they work with state & UT officials.

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Format of Authorised Signatory Letter for GST

Need an authorized signatory for GST? Learn how to appoint one, get the format for the declaration, and understand the legal requirements.

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Compounding of Offences under GST Regime

Compounding offences under GST lets you settle cases with authorities. Pay a penalty and get a fresh start! Learn how it works and who qualifies.

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