WDV & SLM - Depreciation Calculator

Additional Information

You can use this Calculator to Calculate Depreciation Online for Free. You can use either Straight Line Method (SLM) or Written Down Method (WDV).

Straight Line Method uses fixed depreciation every year apportioned over the useful life of the Asset. You can manually calculate it using the formula:

Depreciation per Annum = (C - S) / Y

Here, 'C' is Cost of Asset, 'S' is Scrap Value, and 'Y' is Useful life of Asset in Years.

For Written Down Method, Formula is:

WDV Depreciation Rate = 1 - [s/c]^(1/n)

Here, 'S' is Scrap Value, 'C' is Cost of Asset, and 'n' is Useful Life in Years.

SLM is easy to understand; you can understand WDV Method also more easily with an example from our this post.

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