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TDS on Cash Withdrawal – Section 194N

Section 194N mandates TDS @ 2% for cash withdrawal exceeding ₹ 1 crore. This limit is reduced to ₹ 20 lakh if past 3 years...

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Value Added Statements – A way to Show Value added by organisation apart from Financials

Value Added statement isn't an Account in the traditional sense. It is mere a statement showing the economic output of the reporting entity. It is...

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What is TAN and how to get obtain TAN

Know more about TAN and how to obtain TAN online as well as offline mode. Also know the legal provision on uses of TAN.

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Standard Deduction from salary income under section 16

Standard Deduction under section 16 is ₹ 50,000. This article explains the legal provisins of section 16 on deductions for salary income.

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Format of Authorised Signatory Letter for GST

Authorised Signatory is the person who can sign all documents for GST purposes. For Sole Proprietors, individual themselves are the authorised signatory. For rest entities,...

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Calculate Depreciation as per Companies Act, 2013

Depreciation as we know is a reduction in value of asset put to use from wear and tear. Over the time, value of asset diminishes....

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Compounding of Offences under GST Regime

This article briefly explains the provisions related to compounding of offences under the GST Regime. It covers section 138 of CGST Act and Rule 162...

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