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Terms & Conditions (As updated on 22nd Nov, 2016)

Below are the terms and conditions applicable on the usage of the services of this site. Continual to browse this site further implies that the user has read these terms and will adhere to it. Please read carefully. If you have any queries, you can contact us via contact us page.

  • All the contents of this site are owned by and its owners. None of its contents can be reproduced in any manner for publication, broadcasting or through any other mode without express consent from its owners.
  • Refunds for paid services are governed by terms agreed at the time of requesting such paid services. If, however, there were no such agreements present, it implies that no refund will be granted. However, users can still request to refund and if it is viewed as just, such balances can be refunded after deducting any charges involved and same shall be at the discretion of and its owners. As a general rule, terms are listed or their links are provided on the pages of such paid services. Users are requested to develop habits of reading such terms before agreeing as it not only saves time in case of any issues, but also helps maintaining clarity to service terms.
  • Any disputes involved shall be bound under the jurisdiction of Delhi Courts or Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh Courts at the insistence of and its owners after a complaint in writing being sent to it giving it 15 days of clear working days to resolve the issue first. “Complain in Writing” includes any complains sent via email to and duly acknowledged with email of receiving such complain. In case receiving is not received sooner, users can call to speed up processing of such complains.
  • Users shall be liable to any kind of damages caused to and its owner by their illegitimate deeds or fraudulent dealings. Concealment of material information for availing services is well included into the ambit of meaning of word “Fraudulent”.
  • While we do work hard to publish correct and factual data, neither this site or nor its owner can be held liable for any sort of damages by whatever means caused to the users. Users are advised to use their conscience before relying on accuracy of any data, figures or estimates.
  • We reserve the right to change these terms at any time with/without any prior notices of the same. However, all such changes will be made available here on this page except under technical glitches.

Some Special Clauses

The services from this Site are meant to be used in rational way. If however, user intends or do any act that cause us damage, his account will be liable to suspension. Additionally, he/she will have to compensate for the damages inccurred by us on account of such deeds of the user.

All the contents of this site are copyrighted to their respective owners. None of it can be republished for any commercial or non-commercial purposes on any other site without express written consent from such authors. This restrictions includes but not restricted to Articles, Images, PDFs, Codes, or as such materials and creation displayed or hosted or offered from this site.

These terms are for the service offered online on this site only, for terms of usage governing the services provided through Apps or Forms, please refer the Terms and Conditions Document governing such usages. Links for such are usually placed in the Apps and Forms itself.

These were our terms and conditions for usage of this site and its features. If you have any query related to terms or anything else related to this site and any features offered by it, feel free to contact us.