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Know how to calculate Treasury Bills, Bonds, etc. in Money Market Operations

Money Market is an important ingredient for growth and development of an economy. India too is no exception for it. With the fastest growing economy,...

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Repurchase Options (Repo.) and Ready Forward contracts

These are purchase and repurchase agreements. It is often used by money market participants to finance their loans. Such transaction when viewed from supplier of...

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What is Money Market

Financial system of any country consists on different sub-markets as money, capital and forex markets. The flow of funds in these markets is multi-directional depending...

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Money Market Mutual Funds & Exchange Traded Funds

In 1992, GOI thought to introduce Money Market Mutual Funds (MMMFs) on Indian Financial Canvass. The aim of the Government was to develop the money...

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Computation of returns from Mutual Funds

[wiki slug=’mutual-fund’ /] are funds wherein investor invests money and owns part of assets owned by mutual fund that corresponds to his/her share in the...

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