Thank You for Visiting This Page, here you will get necessary information to remove any copyrighted contents from this site and send DMCA Notices. Please Note that this Paage is to be used by owners of such copyrighted contents and their Authorized Representatives who are authorized to send such notices on behalf of owners.

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How to report Copyrighted Contents

We are committed to respect copyrighted works of others. We do not allow posting of such materials on this Site. However, there may be instances wherein such checks may not have been successful to prevent such contents from being posted. This Page will give guide you on reporting such violations.

To report any violations, simply fill the form given in this Page. Please note that before you fill the form and submit your request to take down any contents, you have read below terms:

  • You are the owner of such Copyrighted Contents or the Authorized Representative of such owner. Notices to remove any copyrighted contents can be sent by only the owners and their legally authorized representatives.
  • Before sending you must consider about fair usage of such contents. A judgement in this regard can be accessed from this link (Lenz vs. Universal).
  • By submitting the Take Down Notices, you allow us to send/forward such notices to the authors who have published such contents and also to third parties connected with serving such notices.
  • Additionally, you agree to pay any damages for your wrongful and false take down notices. As to be very specific, only those who have considered fair usage rulings and are the actual owners of such contents can send notices. Even beneficiaries are excluded from those eligible to send notices. Power of Authorized Representatives are limited to sending Notices only. However, any misrepresentation from legally authorized representatives will bind such persons who have authorized to send such notices be liable for any damages as a consequence of false reporting and deeds.
  • Authorized representatives submitting such notices should additionally send letter or proof of authorization to within 24 hrs. of submitting such notices.
Please Note that it may take some time before we are able to verify authenticity of your claim and remove such contents. If however, you need to contact us for any urgent request you can contact us directly for further assistance.

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